10 Things To Do Before The End Of The World

If you're reading this, the end is near...but probably not....but it could be!

So what are the ten things you would do before the end of the world??

It’s been X years since we brewed our first Doss Blockos. That’s X years of independence. We started with two passions; to create a much-loved sessionable beer and to have a positive social impact. X years on we are more excited than ever to be brewing the new delicious Doss Blockos XPA even as we look to help save the world!

We accidentally created X things to do before you die. But what would your list be?

Before you Google "Things to do before you die" just keep in mind that mental health is a serious issue so if you are having trouble please contact Lifeline on 131114.

We've procured some popular, some wacky, some lovely and some dirty options for you to ponder...


X - Sail away to a remote destination and enjoy life on a boat

X - Camp out under the northern lights

X - Join the mile high club, with yourself, a stranger or your partner in crime

X - Skydive, bungee jump or swing your heart into your throat somewhere magical

X - Cook a meal inside an igloo and crack some beers

X - Open a cold case with law enforcement and try to crack the code on "who did it"

X - Strip live in Vegas

X - Enter the boxing ring in Thailand 

X - Perform live stand up comedy in front of strangers

X - Run a marathon 

X - Hit up Oktoberfest in Germany

X - Crunch a weekend at Coachella

X - Travel to all four corners of the globe

X - Tell someone you love them

X - Write and song for someone and play/sing it to them

X - Relax in a basket early in the morning above a beautiful countryside (Hot Air Ballooning)

X - Play strip tennis

X - Swim with dolphins

X - Hide some treasure and design a map for you friends



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