Doss Blockos 'Fortress' Super Session Lager

Doss Blockos 'Fortress' Super Session Lager

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The Ulimate Gamer's Beer 

ABV 4.2% | 12 IBU | 375mL CANS


This lager has been crafted for drinking.  It's a quality bottom-fermented lager, locally brewed in a style that's reminiscent of a Pilsner.  The addition of Warrior and Cascade Hops add a pleasant light spice and citrus notes to the taste profile.

East 9th Brewing with their Doss Blockos brand have teamed up with Fortress to create the ultimate gamer’s beer. To celebrate the launch of Melbourne’s groundbreaking venue,Fortress, the new Doss Blockos ‘Fortress’ Super Session Lager has been specifically brewed for gamers. It’s been brewed with ultra-low bitterness to deliver optimal sessionability-, which ensures efficient consumption during gameplay.... “We’ve worked with the Fortress team to bring to life a lager that best fits their demographic, both in style and functionality”, say the team at East 9th Brewing.

Fortress is something totally new to Australia, and truly enormous: it’s the ultimate gamers fact, it’s the largest video gaming and e-sports entertainment venue in theSouthern Hemisphere! It’s place for everyone-tabletop players, hard-core e-sports fans, pro teams, casual gamers and old-schoolers up for a hit of nostalgia. Located inMelbourne CBD’s Emporium, the venue is sprawled across almost 3000 square metres and is home to every gaming platform you can imagine. There’s even a full service restaurant, two bars and a purpose built e-sports tournament arena (set to host world class events).E-sports are taking the world by storm-it’s already a billion dollar industry. Many experts are tipping e-sports to overtake traditional sports in terms of participation and viewership in the coming years. According to a recent study, two out of every three Australians play video games, with the top reasons for playing being to have fun, pass time, de-stress, take a break from daily life and keep the mind active. Fortress E-sports plans to build additional Fortress locations in Australia and New Zealand, with high quality fit-out and facilities, in the coming years

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